Calais Hotels

Calais is famous among the English for Duty Free shopping with its easy ferry crossing from Dover, England. As well as its commercial advantages, Calais is a popular stopover town for travellers about to head into France and or across Europe.

With a massive duty free shopping reputation, people head here to stock up on their alcohol and tobacco requirements. There are however a number of attractive places to visit while stopping over at the Hypermarket. Such places include the stunning yachting marina, which has taken over the old harbour. In town, you will be amazed to find what remains of medieval architecture and an intriguing thirteenth century clock tower. It is a trip worth taking into town.

Aside from the Cite Europe hypermarket, Calais has some other more natural attractions. The cliffs of Cap Gris Nez and Cap Blanc Nez are lovely along with other areas of woodland and valleys as you travel inland.

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